Club History - Patterson River Golf ClubPatterson River Golf Club<span itemprop="description"> | Superb sandbelt golf course, located in Melbourne | Offering a superb sandbelt course, with excellent drainage and an abundant water supply, you will find the course really lives up to the motto. </span> The Fairway Bonbeach, VIC
Club History - Patterson River Golf Club

Club History

The Beginning

The course now known as Patterson River was established in 1925 on farmland owned by the Priestly family,.
Patrons travelled considerable distances to grace the fairways, enticed by its turf quality and unique ambience.
Many spent a night or two as houseguests in the grand clubhouse.
The transportation to and from the Carrum railway station in the early times was by horse and jinker, giving rise to romantic images.
In 1948 the course was purchased by the Country Club and commenced its life as a members-only club of high repute.
Patterson River Country Club was renown as one of Victoria’s premier golfing resorts.
Keen golfers travelled from all around the state to play golf and stay in our guesthouse.


A Proud Heritage – An Exciting Future

Our stately club house, with panoramic views of the course, stands as a symbolic reminder of our wonderful club.
Patterson River Golf Club has been transformed into a superb all weather sandbelt course that now places Patterson River up there with all of Melbourne’s famous sand belt courses.