Membership - Patterson River Golf ClubPatterson River Golf Club<span itemprop="description"> | Superb sandbelt golf course, located in Melbourne | Offering a superb sandbelt course, with excellent drainage and an abundant water supply, you will find the course really lives up to the motto. </span> The Fairway Bonbeach, VIC
Membership - Patterson River Golf Club


Offering a superbly conditioned course, with excellent drainage and an abundant water supply.
You will find the course really lives up to the motto ..”the course where the weather doesn’t matter..”  
It’s playable all year round, even after heavy rain and is relatively flat which makes it an easy and enjoyable course to walk

The Club offers competitions every day for men and women, and there are various informal groups that provide a means for new Members to readily play with existing Members

Contact our Membership Officer Jessica to discuss a Membership best suited to you
P 9772 1855


Memberships 2020/21


Full 7 Day Member* $2,986 $400 $3,386
6 Day Member (Sun-Fri) $2,539 $400 $2,939
5 Day Member (Mon-Fri) $2,090 $400 $2,490
Partner Membership $2,927 $904 $3,890
7 Day 30-39 Old Member (3039) $1,729 $400 $2,129
7 Day 23-29 Year Old Member (NXTGEN) $638 $400 $1,038
Under 23 Member $213 $400 $613
Junior Member (under 18) $79 $61 $140
All prices include GST where applicable * Each Full 7 Day Membership includes one free Junior Membership and limited reciprocal rights with seven other local clubs MONTHLY & SIX MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE ON SELECTED MEMBERSHIPS (Check with Administration Staff)



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2021/22 Subscription Payment Instalment Form

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What you need to know to get started as a Member

Joining could not be easier, just fill in the Membership Application Form and return it to the Administration Office. Upon payment of your subscription you may play your first game as a temporary Member pending the full approval of your Membership. This is normally done at the next scheduled monthly Board meeting.

Benefits of being a Member of a Club

  • Why play at a public course when you can enjoy all the benefits of a Private Club with superior course conditions and clubhouse facilities?
  • Join competitive and/or social golf competitions in a friendly atmosphere
  • Enjoy the Clubhouse bar/bistro facilities
  • Invite guests for golf, lunch, dinner or just a social drink
  • Access to the excellent Pro Shop and professional staff for golf equipment, accessories and lessons or clinics
  • Club website and newsletters to give you up to date information on your Club
  • Being part of a golf loving community who come to enjoy the game and Club friendships


Great Course                         Great Friends                         Great Club